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Submitted on
May 18, 2005
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A current whistles like the choir
Aluminum birds fly by wire
Hearts beating under wings of white
The manmade star shining in flight

Aerodynamic hollow sky stone
The all-seeing-eye that spy’s alone
Flying car with a bird’s-eye-view
Caked between two layers of blue

Rise, Rise, Airplane Rise
From all hands, to the skies

The God of winds sees blasphemy
Unholy manmade tragedy
A metal splinter in the sky
Mankind was never meant to fly

Two stones taken from the heavens
Are cast into turning engines
Marks the stone bird a tragic scar
Burns the light of a falling star

Rise, Rise, Airplane Rise
From all hands, to the skies

From the dark heavens through the clouds
Into swelling white water crowds
Ten blue miles of rapid descent
Leaves a small moment to repent

Faster, faster, into the ground
The faster it falls, time slows down
A manmade comet from the skies
Forty lives before eighty eyes

Rise, Rise, Airplane Rise
From all hands, to the skies

Before death everyone lives twice
With a useless floatation device
Buckled down in a tragedy
Seconds away from destiny

A hole will be punched between coasts
Forty lives will turn into ghosts
Eighty lungs take their last breath
Filling the lungs before their …
This poem was written about a plane crash.
Photograph provided by: tenderprey [link]
i really like this one...
Nice, Vary nice. That was pulled off beautifuly.
Awesome! I love the cliffhanger ending... haha it's sweet. Forty lives before eighty eyes - Awesome line.
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